SL recognizes that in improving the way legal services are provided to its clients and their intermediaries the existing career model offered by the firms in the offshore international financial sector has to be improved upon. SL is a firm where the phrase “work life balance” has a meaning and where you as a professional can select the balance appropriate for you and your family that relates not only to your precise circumstances but the support team built around all of our global clients.  There are no large overheads as with legacy Cayman and BVI firms and as an expert and market leader in your field you will be entitled to a significant proportion of the fees you and your colleagues generate by adding maximum value to our clients.  We focus on small but highly experienced teams and use the latest technology.

All of lawyers  have unlimited vacation time, paternity or maternity leave and health care together with  the freedom to choose a  preferred  location.   If you are interested in finding out more about a career at SL in any location or jurisdiction please send a copy of your CV and a representative list of transactions to

All communications will be treated in the strictest confidence.