Fraud and Scams

Additional Information

Silveroak Legal has been made aware of fraudulent schemes that may use the name of the firm and partners without permission, including fraudulent emails, letters or phone calls.  These scams may take many forms and are subject to constant change. 

In some cases, they may be seeking personal or confidential information, in others they may be requesting advance payment or debt settlement.

Inheritance/advance fee fraud

If you have received an email informing you that a relative has died and you may be able to claim an "abandoned investment", this is likely to be part of a scam. Typically, the cyber criminals will ask for an "advance fee", or similar, to release the non-existent monies.

Silveroak Legal does not administer estates and will not, therefore, have sent you any correspondence relating to a potential inheritance.

Fraudulent emails 

Third parties impersonating Silveroak Legal partners or staff using email addresses provided by Gmail,, Hotmail, AOL or Yahoo. Silveroak Legal does not use Gmail,, Hotmail AOL or Yahoo email addresses. 

Please also be alert to the use of email addresses associated with fraudulent domains, as set out above. Legal communications from Silveroak Legal partners and staff will only originate from

Bill payment fraud

Law firm clients have been targeted by cyber criminals who are informing the clients that the law firm’s bank details have changed and request that future settlement of the law firm’s bills is made to the new (ie the hacker’s) account.

Silveroak Legal sets out payment details for settlement of bills at the foot of its invoices. Any notification or request suggesting our payment details have changed will not, therefore, have come from Silveroak Legal.

Reporting scams

Always exercise caution in relation to unexpected or unusual communications, particularly where they exhibit any of the above features. 

If you think you have been approached by a cyber-criminal, we recommend that you report fraudulent correspondence to your email or telephone provider and do not respond to it. You can also report the incident to Action Fraud (UK), Federal Trade Commission (US), or your local police service. 

Please also let us know about any fraudulent schemes which use our name by contacting or if you are a client, by speaking to your usual Silveroak Legal contact partner.